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Fidget Quilts


Members are invited to make small quilts to go on the lap of someone who may not be able to do much except "fidget".  (Think Alzheimer's as our Fidget Quilts go to Alzheimer's care facilities in our area.)  They are especially valuable in these times of isolation and social distancing.  Each completed Fidget Quilt earns the maker 25 points.

Fidget Quilt Guidelines:
Sizes:  18" to 24" wide  by  24" to 30" long
Design:  your choice
Materials:  WASHABLE assorted textures -- may include flannel, fleece, Minke, fake fur, lace, eyelet, dotted swiss, corduroy,  ultrasuede, upholstery, twill, etc.  (Underline sheer fabrics.)
Backing / Batting:  Non-slip, such as flannel or corduroy.  Add lightweight batting with flannel backing, but no batting is needed with corduroy or similar weight backing.
Quilting:  Machine or tied, enough for quilt to keep its shape.
1. A "Textures Only" fidget quilt may have pieces of ric-rac, lace, ribbon, or an applique patch added after assembly so the stitching adds to the quilting lines.
2. "Activity" fidget quilts have SECURELY ATTACHED buttons, beads, snaps, zipper, pocket, fringe, elastic, mini-toy, fringe, ruffles, etc.  added to the textures of the quilt.  Think safety in choosing fidgets; no pins, tie-tac backs, nothing you wouldn't let a 2-year-old play with.

Kits are available containing assorted textured materials, with or without activity fidgets.


Contact: Cathee Himel

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