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This Month's Happenings

JANUARY 19, 2023


The daytime program will be a Fidget Quilt Workshop with demonstrations. Noon to 6pm. Stay for an hour or all day.


We will have a few sewing machines set up to use but please bring basic sewing supplies and your machine if you want. We will have sew on your own kits or bring one you have started and/or team up for an assembly line so we can crank them out! Our goal is to make 54 fidget quilts to complete our order! This is a great way to earn points and it makes the guild money. The Assisted Living facility pays us $25 for each fidget quilt. Just think of the wonderful impact this has on the residents (and staff, too!)!


There will be several demos on making a pocket, envelope method, secure attachments, safety and machine quilting.




Enjoy the evening meeting from the comfort from your own home via Zoom:

Quilter on Fire

Our January evening speaker is Brandy Maslowski aka “Quilter on Fire” and will speaking via zoom only for our 1/19 meeting on the topic “Studio Magnificent” described here:


Brandy explores clearing clutter, organizing your stash, and managing your creative space. She inspires with tips on storage and ideas to make your space a creative sanctuary that brings you more joy and less overwhelm.


Here is her bio:

Brandy Maslowski is a quiltmaker, textile artist and teacher known for her pursuit of more joy and less overwhelm in the classroom. She loves exploring the texture, colour and boundless possibilities of fabric and stitch. She travels the world to educate, speak and ignite creativity with the tag line More Joy, Less Overwhelm. Her weekly Quilter on Fire Podcast has exploded on the quilting scene over the last 2 years and the feedback has overwhelmed her inbox with joy. She is also a BERNINA Ambassador for Canada and founder of the SQUARE ONE 3 day Textile Art Bootcamp and the Confident & Creative Textile Artist Masterclass. 

Her content is designed to bring more joy and less overwhelm to quilters in their studio and her dream is to build a thriving community of creative quilters who dive into their studios again and again as their creative reprieve.

Links here:


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