Annual Challenge


2019 Quilt Show Busy Bee Challenge:


   Deadline for submissions extended to 8/31/19

Inspiration of your quilted wall hanging will be a photograph, either a photo you’ve taken yourself

or a photograph taken from a magazine or other printed photo that you are able to provide with

your quilt at submission. Photos can be of nature, pets, still life, scenery, etc. The purpose of this

challenge is to stretch your imagination and educate yourself on different styles of art quilts. You

can use any technique, any fabric (5 minimum), and embellishment is encouraged. Experiment and

learn something new!


1) Must be 3 layers, quilted, and include a least 5 fabrics in the design.

2) No side is to be smaller than 12 inches or larger than 30 inches.

3) All entries must have a hanging sleeve or you can provide an alternate way to hang.

4) Photo that inspired your quilt or printout of photo is to be submitted with the quilt so they

can be displayed side by side.

5) Quilt is due by Quilt Show take-in Thursday, Sept 12th, 2019.

6) No pre-printed panels or kits, this should be your own design.

For inspiration check out the websites of Joan Wolfren or Cathy McNeil.



2016 Winners


Pieced: 1st, Hyesook Johnson; 2nd, Gabe Fisher; 3rd Adrienne Reynolds.

Appliqué: 1st, Jo Bond; 2nd, Mary Goedge; 3rd, Alice Berg.

Mixed: 1st, Shawna Gould; 2nd, Shirley Rock; 3rd, Carol Fish.

Embellished: 1st, Becky Ray; 2nd, Lauren Snyder; 3rd, Jo Bond-Angel.

Miniature: 1st, Pam Syracuse; 2nd Linda Dills.

Overall Favorite: Jo Bond-Angell.

The L o n g and Skinny of It
A Banner Challenge

Each year, a challenge is issued for members to make a quilt within certain parameters.

This may be by subject or by a fabric, all determined by the Challenge Chairperson.

The quilts are voted on by the general membership at a regular meeting as announced.


2016 Challenge were displayed at the annual Quilt Show. Information on the challenge will remain on the website for the remainder of the year, until a new challenge is issued.

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